Kacang Puteh Live Station

  • kacang puteh live station
  • kacang puteh live station

Need some nostalgic local goodies? We got them! Carnival Mojo delivers only the best of the best flavours from salted nuts to sugarcoated nuts, seaweed nuts, garlic nuts, muruku and mixed! We can serve an approximate of 100 servings per hour. The rental requires a minimum of 2 hours, starting from $300 and $150 for every subsequent hour that follows. Our live station includes free delivery, set up and dismantling. Most importantly, manpower to serve you crunchy nuts in traditional paper cones!

Pricing table:

  Per 80-100 servings/ hour
1 Hour $300
2 Hours $450
Subsequent hours +$150

*Please note that a delivery surcharge of $30 is applicable for Changi, Tuas, Jurong Island and Sentosa

Simply top up $80 for an Indian man with traditional costume to serve Kacang Puteh at your event!


  • What is required from me if I hire the machines from Carnival Mojo?
    A small table to place the machines on if tables/ carts are not included in your package. If you need a table, Carnival Mojo has tables that can be rented at $10.
  • Does it include delivery and manpower?
    Yes! All prices above include delivery, set up, manpower! Punctuality is guaranteed.
  • Are the Ingredients Halal certified?
    Yes absolutely! All our ingredients are Halal certified to ensure that all guests can enjoy the food.
  • My event is outdoors, can I still hire the station?
    Of course! Carnival Mojo can go everywhere and anywhere in Singapore! However, a surcharge between $20-30 is applicable for more inaccessible locations like Sentosa, Tuas South and so on. Kindly ensure that a powerpoint is available outdoors.
  • We have an event that needs more than 100 servings per hour, what should I do?
    For large scale events, do enquire with us for a quotation and we will be sure to reply you within one working day!
  • Are there any discounts for longer period of rental or if we decide to add this into other packages?
    Yes!!! There are greater discounts the more you order! Everybody loves discounts ?

Why CarnivalMojo?

✓ Mojo Team
CarnivalMojo only hires young personnel who are energetic and presentable!

✓ Mojo Punctuality
The CarnivalMojo team arrives 30 mins before the start of the event to set up and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Please refer to our FAQs for PartyMojo’s service and delivery protocol.

✓ Mojo Caters
No matter the size of your event, CarnivalMojo can cater to it with over 50 machines in-house!

✓ Mojo Quality
CarnivalMojo only uses high quality, imported ingredients in all our food stations. Quality is guaranteed!

✓ Mojo Understands
Whatever you can think of or want at your event, CarnivalMojo got you! We will try our best to cater to whatever you desire.


What is kacang puteh?

Kacang puteh literally means white beans/ nuts if we were to translate it directly from Malay. However, these days, it is more commonly used to refer to a mixture of nuts. This may include mixed murukku, green peas, coated green peas, sugar-coated peanuts, mixed nuts and curry broad beans just to name a few. Buyers choose their favourite combination of nuts from the wide varieties available and they are then packaged into slim paper cones.

This iconic snack is known as the popcorn of the past. Before the popcorn that everyone is so familiar with became more popular as a movie snack, a crowd could be found around the kachang puteh station as movie-goers purchased kacang puteh to munch on while watching their movie. It is not uncommon to hear the guest next to you crunching away on these addictive nuts!

Where can I find kacang puteh?

Once found at every corner, the kachang puteh stall is slowly disappearing from Singapore’s streets. You’d be hard-pressed to find another stall aside from the one located outside Peace Centre along Selegie Road. Granted, there are many places selling the various pre-packed nuts that make up kacang puteh (more notably in Little India) but it just doesn’t feel the same when it’s not served to you in cones from plastic containers!

Despite the dwindling number of kachang puteh stalls in Singapore, the love for this snack is still strong. CarnivalMojo has enquiries about these stations every week and.. WE HEARD YOU! We now offer live kacang puteh stations; the plastic containers of nuts are brought directly to your event and served in paper cones! There is also the option of topping up to have an Indian man dressed in traditional attire to make your experience that more authentic!

How is kacang puteh made?

It may seem easy to make kachang puteh; after all, how hard is it to just mix nuts? It’s really not that simple. The nuts and other ingredients that make up kacang puteh are sometimes bought raw. Processing needs to be done to these nuts – peeling, roasting, frying, seasoning.. These processes may take hours, even days, to turn the nuts into delicious snacks that one can’t stop eating! For authentic stalls, the murukku might even be made from scratch! Now, that’s dedication.

While CarnivalMojo doesn’t make our murukku from scratch or season our own nuts, we use high-quality nuts from a renowned seller which are halal-certified. The nuts are bought right before your event to ensure that they remain fresh and crunchy – just the way it should be!