Muah Chee Live Station

muah chee live staion

Want to bring back a spark of nostalgia at your event? Rent Carnival Mojo’s very own muah chee live station! These bite-sized morsels of glutinous rice dough coated with roasted, crushed peanuts and a sprinkle of sugar are well-loved by many! Our package starts at $280 for 1 hour, inclusive of delivery and manpower to serve.

Pricing table:

  100 Servings  200 Servings  300 Servings
1 Hour  $280  –
2 Hours  $400 $570
3 Hours $580

*Please note that a delivery surcharge of $30 is applicable for Changi, Tuas, Jurong Island and Sentosa


  • What is required from me if I hire the machines from Carnival Mojo?
    A standard powerpoint plug and a small table to place the machines on if tables/ carts are not included in your package. If you need a table, Carnival Mojo has tables that can be rented at $10.
  • Does it include delivery and manpower?
    Yes! All prices above include delivery, set up, manpower! Punctuality is guaranteed.
  • Are the Ingredients Halal certified?
    Yes absolutely! All our ingredients are Halal certified to ensure that all guests can enjoy the food.
  • My event is outdoors, can I still hire the station?
    Of course! Carnival Mojo can go everywhere and anywhere in Singapore! However, a surcharge between $20-30 is applicable for more inaccessible locations like Sentosa, Tuas South and so on. Kindly ensure that a powerpoint is available outdoors.
  • We have an event that needs more than 100 servings per hour, what should I do?
    For large scale events, do enquire with us for a quotation and we will be sure to reply you within one working day!
  • Are there any discounts for longer period of rental or if we decide to add this into other packages?
    Yes!!! There are greater discounts the more you order! Everybody loves discounts 🙂

Why CarnivalMojo?

✓ Mojo Team
CarnivalMojo only hires young personnel who are energetic and presentable!

✓ Mojo Punctuality
The CarnivalMojo team arrives 30 mins before the start of the event to set up and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Please refer to our FAQs for PartyMojo’s service and delivery protocol.

✓ Mojo Caters
No matter the size of your event, CarnivalMojo can cater to it with over 50 machines in-house!

✓ Mojo Quality
CarnivalMojo only uses high quality, imported ingredients in all our food stations. Quality is guaranteed!

✓ Mojo Understands
Whatever you can think of or want at your event, CarnivalMojo got you! We will try our best to cater to whatever you desire.


What is muah chee?

Muah chee is a traditional Chinese snack made up of glutinous rice balls coated with ground peanut and sugar. Not many people outside of the Chinese community know about it. The more internationally well-known version of it, mochi, is made up of the same base of glutinous rice balls but coated with soy bean powder instead. Despite it’s lack of international fame, those who have tried muah chee can’t help but falling in love with it! With its soft, pillowy dough and crunchy, fragrant roasted peanuts, it’s no wonder why! 🙂

Where can I find muah chee?

As Singapore becomes more modern and westernised, the number of places selling traditional snacks like muah chee are (sadly) slowly disappearing. Only a handful of places selling authentic and delicious muah chee in Singapore are left. For one, there is Hougang Six Mile Muah Chee, where everything – from the dough to the ground mixture of peanuts and sugar – is made from scratch daily. There is also the yuan yang muah chee at Blk 79A Circuit Road Food Centre. Besides the normal version of muah chee coated with peanuts, the stall also sells black sesame muah chee!

Want muah chee made on the spot, right in front of your eyes, and in the comfort of your own venue? Well, look no further because CarnivalMojo has muah chee live stations for you to rent!

How is muah chee made?

The crucial ingredient in making the perfect muah chee is the dough. To make the best tasting muah chee, the dough has to be chewy but not overly chewy, soft but not overly soft. It has to have the right elasticity, something that is hard to achieve! The ingredients are simple; we will need glutinous rice flour, water, ground peanuts and sugar.

First, mix the glutinous rice flour and water together before steaming it. While steaming, be sure to constantly stir the mixture so the dough does not stick to the pan. Oil is sometimes added to aid in this step but CarnivalMojo’s healthy muah chee does not use any oil! We manually stir the dough mixture every few minutes to ensure that the muah chee is soft and easy to eat even for children and the elderly!

Next, when the dough is done, cut out smaller pieces and toss them in the ground mixture of peanuts and sugar. CarnivalMojo uses freshly ground peanuts and sugar imported from the United States. These ingredients are purchased right before your event to ensure that they maintain their crunch and flavour!

Sounds troublesome? Why not save your time and energy to mingle with your guests while we take over this task? Do not hesitate and rent a muah chee live station with CarnivalMojo today!