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What exactly are carnivals?

What is a carnival? There are many definitions as to what a carnival is but the most well-known definition to Singaporeans is this – a large scale celebration, with various live food stations, game booths and fringe entertainment. Live food stations may include popcorn and candy floss stations, ice cream carts and hotdog stands; game booths may involve ring tosses, shooting down cans or aiming balls at a target; fringe entertainment may consist of carnival rides, bouncy castles, balloon sculpting, face painting and roving magicians. Sometimes, mascots are also hired! These various forms of entertainment add to the festivity of the event, making the carnival crowded, lively and fun!

Who holds carnivals and why are they held?

Carnivals are usually held in celebration of something, perhaps a school’s 50th anniversary or a company’s achievement. However, many people are slowly opening up to the idea of having a mini carnival for their private events, like a wedding or even their child’s birthday. Really, there’s no specific reason as to why a carnival should or should not be held! If you love the cheery and warm atmosphere that a carnival gives you, it is already enough of a reason to have one! Don’t let the scale hold you back; CarnivalMojo is able to hold both small and large scale carnivals!

Are you interested in holding a carnival? Read more to find out how to host your own carnival today!

Where should I host my carnival?

There are no venue restrictions as to where a carnival should be held, but there should ideally be ample space at the venue for guests to roam about freely and more importantly, not feel like they’re in a sardine can! A carnival is typically held in an outdoor venue, on lush greenery (Nparks has many suitable venues available for rental), but these days, carnivals are also held indoors with air-conditioning facilities. With Singapore’s unpredictable weather, sunny one moment and rainy the next, it is no wonder some people decide to host their carnival indoors! Still prefer the traditional outdoor carnival? No worries, just set up some tentage and you’re good to go!

The venue is one of the most important decision you have to make before you decide to continue with the idea of having a carnival. With that set, the rest of the activities can be planned easily 🙂

What should I have at my carnival?

As mentioned in the first section of this article, a carnival is usually made up of three segments – live food stations, game booths and fringe entertainment.

What’s the number one thing people look out for in a carnival? FOOD! As Singaporeans, eating is our favourite pastime. The hunt for good food is never over; just look at the long queues snaking in front of popular food stalls! It is important to have food booths at your carnival. More specifically, live food stations so they can be an alternate source of entertainment for your guests. Guests will be able to watch as churros are fried on the spot, tossed in sugar and drizzled with sauces; Thai rolled ice cream is magically made from liquid cream poured on a cold metal slab; candy floss is twirled on the spot into a big, fluffy snack; hotdogs are grilled on the spot and stuffed into soft bread..

Next, game booths. With their stomachs satisfied, the next thing people look out for is games! Guests would love to try their hand at tossing rings onto targets, throwing balls at cans or shooting at targets to win prizes. Game booths appeal to their competitive side; guests can challenge and compete with each other to see who wins. A little competition never hurt anyone 😉

Lastly, for guests to take home a little something from the carnival, there is fringe entertainment. Balloon sculpting and face painting are two of the more traditional and popular stations at a carnival. Not only does CarnivalMojo have a big team of balloonists and face painters, we also have caricature artists, stationary/ roving magicians, glitter/ air-brush tattooists, hair braiders.. We even have photo booths, which are fast becoming a must-have at any event, and inflatables which are also very popular with children and adults alike!

Whatever you need, CarnivalMojo has it!

Still worried and unsure as to how to go about with your planning? No worries, just enquire with us today and we will assist you every step of the way!