What are carnivals without some exciting game booths? CarnivalMojo’s carnival games come in their own unique design and fun! No matter your event, be it a party, wedding or corporate family day, there are bound to be some that suits your theme! Enjoyed by both children and adults alike, carnival games are a great way for families, friends or colleagues to pit their skills against each other.

What are carnival games?

A carnival game (or fun fair game) is a game of chance or skill. It is usually seen at carnivals but recently, more people are having game booths at their parties, weddings and corporate events.

Carnival games are usually operated on a “pay per play” basis. Depending on the event, prices may range from a small amount to a few dollars per play. This is not the case with CarnivalMojo! For just a flat rate, you get to enjoy the hours of entertainment that these booths bring to your event! Best of all? Unlimited play! Choose to top up a small amount for small prizes to the given to winners; prizes may include items like stuffed animals, toys, or stationery. Have other ideas for prizes? Contact us and we’ll help you source for them!

Games of chance and skill

Chance: A random outcome gives all players the chance of winning a prize.

Skill:  The player’s aim is tested by getting them to hit a target with either a ball or a weapon.

CarnivalMojo has the following carnival games of chance and skill:

Games of chance 1Games of chance 2Games of chance 3 Games of skill 1 Games of skill 2Games

Carnival games for parties

Holding a party and are tired of the usual entertainment like balloon sculpting and face painting? Why not consider renting carnival games to entertain your guests! Kids these days can’t seem to keep still, they need something engaging and interactive to hold their interests. These carnival games are great for this purpose! With a variety of options to choose from, be it trying to throw balls into holes or shooting at targets, it’s guaranteed that guests will not be bored! Prepare goodie bags as game prizes and you’re good to go!

Carnival games for weddings

Weddings celebrate the union of a couple – a big event! What’s a big event without some unique forms of entertainment? Besides having a photobooth at your wedding, a carnival booth is a great way to interact with your guests. Let them compete against one another and win some prizes to take home! A great idea would be to use your wedding favours as prizes for them to win 😉 Weddings are not all about sitting down for meals anymore, inject some life into your wedding party by renting carnival games!

Carnival games for corporate events

Be it a family day or a promotional event for the company, holding the audience’s interest is key. How do you do that without bribing them? Through carnival games, of course! Attract the interests of your guests by having some game booths at your event. Choose a mixture of chance and skill games that appeal to both children and adults, decorate the booths with your event details and there you have it – an interesting and interactive promotional booth!

Customisation options

Thinking of creating your own game? A game uniquely yours and designed specially for you? CarnivalMojo also offers customisation options for game booths – from sketching to building, we will take care of it for you! Just tell us what and how you want the game to be played; the only limit is your creativity!