Air-Brush Tattoo

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About AirBrush Tattoo

Cheap-o stick-ons are so yesterday. Why not try our airbrush tattoos, that can last longer and look even cooler? The airbrush tattoos can be used by all genders and all ages. The duration of the temporary airbrush tattoo depends on skin type and how it is cared for. On average they last from a few days to a week, but they can also easily be removed instantly by using isopropyl alcohol.

Pricing & Packages

First hour – S$180/-
Subsequent hour – S$150/-


  • How many kids can get their tattoos in an hour?
    Our artists can tattoo 15 to 20 kids in an hour. It takes 3 – 5 minutes to get one tattoo done, depending on the size of the tattoo and also the complexity of the design!
  • What are the colors available?
    Airbrush tattoos are available only in black ink.
  • How long will the air brush tattoos last?
    They will last between 2 – 5 days. It can be removed with scrubbing off. It is waterproof and durable on most occasion.
  • Is it painful?
    Though it has the same effect as tattoo, the whole procedure is totally pain-less and safe!
  • What are the extension charges?
    Extension charges are at S$65/half an hour for Airbrush tattoo.

Why CarnivalMojo?

✓ Mojo Team
CarnivalMojo only hires young personnel who are energetic and presentable!

✓ Mojo Punctuality
The CarnivalMojo team arrives 30 mins before the start of the event to set up and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Please refer to our FAQs for PartyMojo’s service and delivery protocol.

✓ Mojo Caters
No matter the size of your event, CarnivalMojo can cater to it with over 50 machines in-house!

✓ Mojo Quality
CarnivalMojo only uses high quality, imported ingredients in all our food stations. Quality is guaranteed!

✓ Mojo Understands
Whatever you can think of or want at your event, CarnivalMojo got you! We will try our best to cater to whatever you desire.


What is air-brush tattooing?

“Tattooing” sounds like a scary word. Images of needles, blood and discomfort immediately come to mind when one hears the word “tattoo”. Unlike traditional tattoos that are permanent and require constant care after the initial process, air-brush tattooing involves zero pain, blood or discomfort. They are temporary tattoos that last anywhere from five to seven days, depending on how well you take care of them, and are often waterproof!

Available in a variety of designs, air-brush tattoos are great ways to change up your look. From animals to symbols, cartoon characters to tribal prints, the choices of prints to ink your body with is endless! Dislike the look of it? Just wipe off with isopropyl alcohol or baby oil and it’s gone!

How is it done?

Generally, the area where the tattoo will be placed at is first cleaned with rubbing alcohol. The stencil will then be placed over the area and the ink is sprayed on. Sounds simple? Yes, it’s that simple!

Sounds good? CarnivalMojo offers live airbrush tattoo stations! Thinking of renting a station to have your event leave a mark on your guests (literally)? Here’s your chance! We use only FDA-approved and hypoallergenic black/ blue ink, safe for use on even the most sensitive of skins!

Customisation options

Want to create a stencil that’s uniquely yours? Want to promote your event or tell the world when you got married? Look no further, CarnivalMojo offers you customisation options for your stencils! At $50/ stencil, you can have any design that you’d like. There is no limit to your imagination! 🙂

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