Keep the guests at your event entertained with our arts and crafts booth. The booth can range from creating canvas and egg paintings to building a mini snowman. We will make sure that the booth is packed with several types of supplies, which will be both exciting and colourful in order for you and your guests to be able to create something creative and unique. Whatever the occasion or age group we can cater for you. This service can be used to entertain guests at various types of social events!

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Art and Craft Packages at your children’s coming birthday party! Click on the images below to find out more on the packages!

Canvas Painting

Canvas Painting

clay painting

Coin Bank Painting

mosaic tiara

Mosaic Tiara

mosaic photoframe

Mosaic Frame

finger puppet

Finger Puppet

sand art

Sand Art

bottled sand art

Bottled SandArt

egg painting

Egg Painting


Fun, bonding and Educational – Apart from the usual party entertainments for the children, why not try something fun and educational. The children would love to get together to create their own masterpieces!

Bilateral Coordination – Crafts such as coloring, drawing, cutting, will require the children to use both of their hands at the same time. This skill is crucial in their growth as it helps in writing, typing and many more!

Fine Motor Coordination order to draw shapes, cut patterns, and hand writing, children are required to use their fine motor coordination. These skills similarly translate to other areas of their lives, such as dressing ,eating, and in the academic setting.

Self regulation – Crafts that require drying require waiting! This is a great lesson for you child to demonstrate self control and patience!

Self esteem booster – Completing the crafts successfully will give them a great sense of accomplishment and pride! What’s even better: your little guests get to bring their masterpieces home to flaunt to their family and friends! So hesitate no more and contact us today to find out more on our art and craft packages!

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Bouncy Castle
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Photobooth Packages
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