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About Caricature Station

Our caricature service will bring laughter to your event with the brilliant caricature drawings of your guests. With our excellent artists this service will allow people of all ages to get a little memento to take home from the event. Not only does this service provide a caricature for guests, but it also allows for all guests to watch the process of creating a caricature drawing. This unique experience can be entertaining for a wide range of ages from children to adults.

Pricing & Packages

First hour – S$150/-
Subsequent hour – S$150/-

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How many kids can get their tattoos in an hour?

Our artists can tattoo 15 to 20 kids in an hour. It takes 3 – 5 minutes to get one tattoo done, depending on the size of the tattoo and also the complexity of the design!

What are the colors available?

Airbrush tattoos are available only in black ink.

How long will the air brush tattoos last?

They will last between 2 – 5 days. It can be removed with scrubbing off. It is waterproof and durable on most occasion.

Is it painful?

Though it had the same effect as tattoo, however the whole procedure is totally pain-less and safe. Watch the video below to see how is it like:

What are the extension charges?

Extension charges are at S$65/half an hour for Airbrush tattoo

Ok, I want it! How can I go about booking it?

Thank you! Book us here at or give us a call at 83997127 or 65696992 🙂

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