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festive mascot
About Festive Mascot

Need a mascot to get your party started? No need to look further, we’ve got you covered. This service can cater to the theme of your party and will bring with it a lively atmosphere. We can accommodate to whatever event from birthday parties to a family day out. Please note this service is limited to what mascots we have available, so drop us a message.

Prices & Packages

– 1st hour – $250!
– Subsequent hour – $150!


For corporate partnership rates, please contact

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Is it easy to remove?

Yes! You can remove the beads easily by removing the rubber bands!

I have about 15 kids in my party, will all of them get their hair braiding / beading?

Yes, due to our expertise, all of them will be able to get their hair done within the period. Of course, priority will be given to birthday girl for more elaborated braiding and beads!

What are the extension charges?

Extension of face painting services is at S$120/ hour.

Ok, I want it! How can I go about booking it?

Thank you! Book us here at or give us a call at 65696992 or 90021778 :)